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UNICA 1-wire bracket

CZK 19
VAT incl.

15.7 VAT excl.

UNICA 1-wire bracket for mounting the 1wire module to the universal in-wall box 60mm


    On stock    188 pieces

UNICA 1-wire module is a device which is able to measure physical quantities such as temperature, humidity, lighting. Using 1-wire bus it is possible to read these values with superior device and use it for other purposes (e.g. heating, lights, pumps, etc.).

One of the advantages of this module when used is that it is integrated inside of Schneider UNICA push buttons and so it doesn't bother the user with its presence.

Different versions of modules have other features, e.g. sensing of digital input, analog input, or there is a option with backlighting the push button with integrated controlled LED diode with three different colours - blue, red, white.

Features and functions:

- Temperature - air temperature sensing
Humidity - air relative humidity sensing
Lighting - sensing of lighting intensity in place of usage
Dig. input - dig. input 0/5V sensing
Analog input - analog values 0 - 5V sensing
LED backlighting - push button backlight using controlled LED diodes - red, blue, white 
- 1-wire bus - communication bus

Push-button with 1wire module possibilities 1wire module integrated into the push-button Whole push-button without the cover


Order numbers of push buttons Schneider Unica (complete catalog HERE):



Examples of push-button backlighting using 1-wire modules with LED option:

Connection to Railduino LED module- 1 wire bus + controlling RGB LED 

Connection to Railduino 2.x module - 1 wire bus + switching the red and green LED + controlling the blue LED

Connection to Loxone 1wire extension - no control of RGB LED

1. Loxone Config settings - temperature measuring 

1.1 connection with Loxone 1wire extension

1.2 connection with Railduino 2.x module

2. Loxone Config settings - humidity measuring

2.1 connection with Loxone 1wire extension

Formula block for relative humidity calculation:

 RH = -12.5 + 125 * I1 / 5

2.2 connection with Railduino 2.x module

Formula block for relative humidity calculation:

 RH = -12.5 + 125 * I1 / 5

3. Loxone Config settings - connection with Railduino 2 module - lighting measuring

3.1 connection with Loxone 1wire extension

3.2 connection with Railduino module 2.x

4. Loxone Config settings - controlling the RGB LED - connection with Railduino 2.x module

The analogue output from the Railduino module "grounds" the LED. Since the RGB LED is connected to a 5V power supply, the maximum value of analog. output must not be 10V, but 5V, which corresponds to 127 (half of 255).

1. "How to find out the serial number of the module when connecting to Railduino module?"

When connecting 1wire sensor to the Railduino module and switching the power on - first there is an automatic detection of connected 1wire sensorr type and then every 30s the Railduino module sends packet to the superior control system with information about serial number and measured temperature values and so on. In order to watch this packet it is necessary open UDP monitor or RS232/RS485 monitor in Loxone Config.

 Unica 1-wire sensor module manual - operating instructions EN ver. 01/2020 DOWNLOAD