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VNX-C module for controlling KMG100K drive unit for roof windows Velux

Features: Change moving direction of the window with power supply polarity change without need of original controllers

VELUX SML100 Direction 24V
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Smart home integrators often face the problem with integrating roof window systems (eg. Velux) into a smart home. Original electric drives for roof windows are only intended to be used with producer's own components. 

The solution is ready-made electronic modules, which will replace the original ones, directly in the window opening drive or in the roller shutter window drive. The finished modules are labeled with the VNX series name, which is further divided into VNX-C (window opening) and VNX-ADV (roller shutter control).

Features and functions:

- Control of the roof window drives with the external equipment
- Power supply and control all in one - changing the polarity of the power changes the direction of the window
Velux KMG100K - module can direct replace the original one
Limit switches - safe limit switches used for powering off the drive at end positions
24 V - safe voltage level for window drive control

DSC05502_.JPG images.jpg DSC05528_.JPG
Installed VNX-C module Example of window shutter  Velux KMG100K drive unit

Module VNX-ADV installation - disassembly of the roller shutter and module replacement 

Module VNX-C installation - disassembly of the drive unit and module replacement

Connection with the Loxone system

Connection to the Loxone system with use of external relay for easy polarity change of the supply voltage - change of direction of shutter movement.

Modules are equipped with the function of limit position detection which automatically switches off the unit at when closed or opened. During run-up the drive has current consumption of 0,65 A. 

Connection with the Railduino module

Připojení modulu k Railduino s použitím externího relé pro snadnou změnu polarity napájení - změnu směru pohybu rolety

Moduly jsou vybaveny funkcí, která detekuje dosažení koncové polohy a automaticky vypne pohonnou jednotku. Během rozběhu pohon spotřebovává cca 0,65 A. 

Loxone Config

Example of shutter configuration in Loxone Config
- complete opening when sunrise, closing when sunset
- when raining or freezing the control of the shutter is disabled

1. "What about the shutter SML100 warranty when using the VNX-ADV module?"

Of course when disassembling the roller shutter which is in the warranty period this warranty and replacing the orginial module means that the warranty is no longer valid. The manufacturer is no longer responsible for any malfunction or harm when using this module with their products.

2. "Which cables / wiring should I use for controlling shutters?"

One module / shutter consumption is about the 1A maximum. It means you can use the the cable cross-section of about 0,5mm2 minimum.
In case of use of more shutters there is need to have appropriate power supply 24V in case the shutters are connected in parallel.
Manual for VNX-ADV CZ ver. 3/2019 DOWNLOAD